Our Support Staff

Ms. Perla Soliz
Director of Early Education

"Hello, Families! My name is Ms. Perla Soliz. I’m honored to be a part of My Preschool & Child Development Center. I have worked with young children for over 35 years and continue to enjoy it more than ever as I understand the importance of early child development and the key role we play as early educators. I obtained my Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Development at Del Mar College. I have had many opportunities to work in a number of child care and early learning centers where I have gained knowledge and acquired skills through practical experience in the classroom. I continue to learn, grow and gain knowledge at any given opportunity.

In my role as Director of Early Education, I work in partnership with our amazing teachers and directors as we collaborate to develop the whole child. We will focus on the individual child as we observe, plan and provide developmentally appropriate activities and opportunities to scaffold learning. I will support our teachers as we work together and look at opportunities for growth and generate strategies connected to the curriculum and best practices. I will provide and encourage training in areas of development, gross motor development, communication, language and literacy, problem-solving, science, mathematics, and creative arts.

We strive to provide quality care in a safe and healthy learning environment. Thank you for trusting us with your precious children and allowing us to love and teach them during the most important years of their lives.”

Tuition & Fees

Annual Registration Fee

$175-225 per year

$175 per child

$225 two or more children

* Due upon enrollment, then annually in August after enrollment year

* Non-refundable registration fee

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Full-Time Care

$845-1083 per month

(Ages 6 weeks - 5 years)

* Full amount is due regardless of attendance

* A 10% sibling discount is provided for the eldest child and is available for only one child

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Part-Time Care

$520-780 per month

* As space is available

* There are no discounts given for part time

* Full amount is due regardless of attendance

* Only for ages 2-5 years

$120/week for two days

$180/week for three days

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